About Us

Revolution Dance Company opened in 2007, under the direction of Carrie Nunez Webb.  The school has a direct focus on each dancer’s technique, promoting maximum potential in any subject in which the dancer desires to enroll.  RDC has two large dance rooms with viewing windows through which the parents can watch.  Each room is equipped with a raised wood floor and Marley floor covering.


Tuition must be paid by the 5th of each month.  After the 5th of each month, all unpaid balances will incur a late fee of $20.00.  This includes unpaid competition fees as well.  Students will be dropped from class rosters should the past due balance not be paid in full within 60 days.  There will be a $20 fee charged for all NSF checks.  Dancers requesting to drop a class should notify RDC in writing/email of their intent to drop classes.  This must be done BEFORE the first of the next month.  New tuition rates will not go into effect until the first month following the request to drop classes.

Dress Code   *Any dancer who does not abide by the dress code will not be allowed in class.

Pre-Pro Program:  Any solid color leotard and pink tights.  Pink Ballet Shoes; Black Oxford Taps; Slip On Jazz shoes are optional for Pre Pro IV.  Hair tied back, off of the face.

Jazz Class: Any tight fitting dance attire, single leotards and shorts, or dance tops and bottoms.  Slip on tan jazz split sole shoes required.  Tights not necessary.

Ballet Class: Girls:  Any solid color leotard and pink tights.  Ballet shoes should be pink, split sole  canvas      or leather.  Hair MUST be secured in a bun.  Ballet warm ups and skirts are permitted.  Boys:  White Shirt, Black Pants, Black Split Sole Ballet Shoes.

Tap Class: Any dance attire permitted.  Black oxford tap shoes required.

Contemporary: Any tight-fitting dance attire.  Jazz shoes or foot undies permitted but not required.

Leaps & Turns: Any tight-fitting dance attire.  Jazz shoes or foot undies permitted.

Hip Hop:  Any loose-fitting clothing, tennis shoes / sneakers


A dancer’s progress is directly associated to his/her attendance.  Dancers are encouraged to attend as many classes for their prospective age/ability levels as possible.  Once dancers miss a consecutive amount of classes, parent/teacher conferences will result to decide the issues that lie behind their absences.  Please try to notify RDC prior to your child’s absence from class.  Dancers are expected to arrive prior to the start of class, and be ready for class at the teacher’s entrance.  Should a dancer miss a class, he or she is allowed to attend a different class of equal time length, WITHIN THE SAME WEEK of the missed class.

Class Cancellations
Should bad weather or other emergencies evolve, RDC will cancel classes, notifying all dancers as soon as possible.  RDC will first send out a mass email, secondly post on RDC Website, and lastly, post a voicemail message if available, letting parents/students know of class cancellations as soon as a decision is made.  RDC will take all measures possible to ensure these classes are made up.  On most occasions, RDC follows the East Baton Rouge School System closures.

When your child is sick, please call to inform RDC.  Dancers with an illness are not expected to attend class.  Dancers will be allowed to watch classes if they are not contagious.

Dancers with an injury are encouraged to seek medical attention immediately following their injury.  Dancers will be expected to attend classes for viewing only, after a doctor’s note has been issued.  Dancers will NOT be allowed to return to dance participation until a doctor’s release has been issued.  Should dancers injure themselves in class, RDC will administer an injury form to be sent home with the child, explaining the nature of the injury, when it took place, and what measures were taken.  Revolution Dance Company, LLC will not be held liable for any injuries taking place during classes or within RDC’s facility. 

Class Placement:
Placement will be at the discretion of the instructor for each class.  Upon registration, dancers will be given class options, with which to choose from.  Any and all discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the RDC Director.  RDC Staff is happy to discuss with you class placement for your dancer should any questions are concerns arise, once the dance season has begun.  Please make an appt. in the office.

Company Auditions:
Each year, RDC will hold new company auditions for all dancers, returning and new, who are interested.  Dancers interested in Levels 1 – 5 of the intensive training program are eligible for RDC Company auditions.  Dancers are chosen based on technical ability, style, the ability to learn choreography quickly, and class conduct.  Dancers interested in our Company must be well trained in Tap technique.

Annual Performance:
Revolution Dance Company will hold an annual performance for its intensive training program (Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 of each subject).  Pre-Professional Program dancers will be allowed to perform one piece in the show as well.  The annual performance will consist of works from various choreographers, and students’ participation is voluntary.  Levels must have a minimum of 5 eligible dancers to receive opportunity to perform in the show. There are no costume fees for this performance.  Annual Performance Dress Code matches traditional dance attire for each subject (Black Leotard/Pink Tights for a Ballet Piece, etc)  Company Members are the only dancers whose participation in the performance is mandatory.

Credit Card Policies:
RDC takes VISA, Mastercard, and Discover as payment, as well as Cash/Check.  Credit Cards can be entered in the office or online, through your account.  Families have the option of setting up “automatic payment” through the credit cards.  See the office for more information.

Continuous Enrollment
Dancers are not allowed to drop classes after March 31st of each season.  Throughout the season, you are allowed to add classes at any time,however once March 31st arrives, your classes/tuition rate is locked in for the remainder of the season.